Monday, January 31, 2022

LA Art Show 2022 (January 19 to January 23) Photo Essay

LA Art Show 2022

The LA Art Show returned this year with the flair that the art fair always brings. The LA Art Show is always a mixed bag of quality in the galleries and the art displayed. However, the best of the LA Art Show really stood out.

The best of the fair was DIVERSEartLA, which addressed environmental issues. Curated by Marisa Caichiolo, the curated part of the LA Art Show explores how the environment is represented in art, but how humanity’s place in the world is depicted. This exhibition will open up an important dialogue about the Earth’s past, present, and future, uniting the community around discussions of the global climate crisis and potential solutions. This topic is already at the heart of a growing number of art narratives and DIVERSEartLA is honored to provide it with an additional platform. For this year’s edition of the highly popular element of the LA Art Show, DIVERSEartLA invites art museums and institutions to partner with Science and Environmental Museums. With 8 participating projects spanning from an eye-opening exhibit about the lack of clean water in Jalisco to the locally focused “Recognizing Skid Row As A Neighborhood:Skid Row Cooling Resources,” which calls attention to the Urban Heat Island in close proximity to the convention center itself, the exhibition and conversation is considerate and, as the name suggests, diverse. Caichiolo explains, “DIVERSEartLA 2022 will encourage visitors to confront the complex challenges of our global climate crisis and imagine potential solutions. This topic is at the heart of a growing number of art narratives, including exhibitions built with high-tech innovations, designed to inspire artistic appreciation and the desire to respond to environmental challenges, reinforcing the value of translating environmental advocacy into art.”

As the first live show to join the NFT craze, introducing attendees to the incredible trend in digital art, the LA Art Show has established a reputation for leading the pack. This year was no exception. The LA Art Show continues to be on trend with NFTs, making sure the contemporary art conversation is comprehensive. This year included a preview of Little Beasts by artist Johnny ‘KMNDZ” Rodriguez, presented by Merry Karnowsky of KP Projects, in partnership with LGND, the return of Vellum LA, Los Angeles’s premier art gallery for NFT-backed digital art, with their latest show Elsewhere is a Negative Mirror which simultaneously debuted as an in-person NFT exhibition at the LA Art Show and at Vellum LA gallery, and specially displayed NFTs from Fabrik Projects. With the NFT conversation comes a conversation about environmental conservation, the other focus of the show. Unifying the show’s themes of environmentally driven discussions and new technologies, Arts Help presented Conscious Crypto Creator: ICEBERGS. The Conscious Crypto Creator, aka CCC, is a global movement developed by Arts Help to empower artists to use their art in the fight for transparency and sustainable crypto-validation practices. ICEBERGS highlighted the impact of our daily decisions on the melting of polar ice caps.

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