Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween Art 2018

Happy Halloween!

This year's Halloween theme is "Curses and Enchantment." Enjoy this Halloween Art.
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Netsuke, Japanese

Ed Ruscha, “Mad Scientist”; pastel and graphite on paper (1975)

Guy Pène du Bois, “The Intellectuals”; oil on panel (c.1912-14)

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Bt, “The Baleful Head”; oil on canvas (1886-87)

Jaroslav Panuška (Czech Republic, 1872-1958) "Vengeance on dead," tempera on paper, 1898–1901

Filippo Balbi, “Anthropomorphic Anatomical Head”; oil on panel (1854)

Philip Guston, “Martyr”; oil on canvas (1978)

Jackson Pollock, “Head”; oil on canvas (1938-41)

Bruce Nauman, (USA, 1941-), "Hanging Heads," ,1989

Karen Kilimnik, “Mary Calling up a Storm”; oil on canvas (1996)

Henry Fuseli, “‘Macbeth, Act I, Scene 3, the Weird Sisters”; oil on canvas (after 1783)

Genieve Figgis, “Brothers”; acrylic on canvas (2015)

Frans Francken "Death and the Miser"  16th Century

Unknown Artist, "Life and Death"  17th Century

Frederic Leighton "Perseus and Andromeda" 1891
French or Spanish School, "Skeleton Wearing a  Brown  and Red Dress with Black Headdress" 1680

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