Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Kyla Hansen "Rib Mountain" at Five Car Garage, Los Angeles, California

Kyla Hansen's solo show titled "Rib Mountain" is an exploration in the idea of the feminized landscape. By using ceramics, quilts, found objects and texts, Hansen weaves a new narrative of the landscape of the American West. "Rib Mountain" is about reconfiguring an approach to the desert. When one thinks of the desert, there is a vast empty landscape where a mythology has been created of both heroism and manifest destiny. Hansen thus utilizes assemblage as a way to retell the stories that occupy both the history and fiction created around the desert landscape.

"Throughout her work, Hansen plays with language, landscape and slippery histories. The text quilt Cave Bacon references both the storied, drapery-like rock formations of Lehman Caves in The Great Basin National Park as well as the female body. The exhibition title Rib Mountain comes from the isolated quartzite hill, Rib Mountain, the folkloric resting place of the mythical giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan. The “rib” also has allegorical references to Eve and the female body." When viewing Hansen's work, there are boots hanging on tree stumps, honey combs covering geodes, cacti with an umbrella, and tapestries combining pattern of text referencing the natural landscape and points of memory. The work is referential to the feminine body, Native American spirituality, personal memory, and history. Hansen demonstrates a mastery with the use of material as she communicates to the viewer her ideas and visual engages, and thus creating a narrative about the desert landscape,memory,and the feminine. Excellent show.

On view until November 2, 2016

Five Car Garage
Open by appointment only. 
Please contact Emma Gray

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