Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Art at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel

When I think of hotels and art, I think of luxury and visual pleasure when entering the lobby. By showing art in such a public place, it is exuding the class and comfort that a hotel strives to offer. In fact, there is tradition in turn of the 20th century Paris that artists living in hotels would give works of art for rent. One example is the Chelsea Hotel in New York City. I had the pleasure of visiting the hotel one afternoon. In the lobby there were paintings by such great artists as Larry Rivers, Phillip Taafe, and others all over the lobby. There was a sense that not only were you entering a place of legend where both the famous and infamous stayed, but a place where culture and life met together.
I also think about the Ballagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Steve Wynn's collection graces the restaurants and lobby of this hotel. When you go the restaurant Picasso in the Ballagio, the paintings on the walls are real Picasso paintings. So I was very pleased when I went to the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in the heart of Hollywood, California to see some of the best art that Southern California has to offer in the lobby, hallways and banquet rooms. I took pictures of the artwork that I was able to see. If you want to go see the work, all you need to do is go to either the concierge or front desk and ask for a map to go on a self guided tour of the art. Let me warn you that not all the sections of the hotel are accessible to visitors. There are some places where only guest are allowed. But it is well worth the time to see some of the works in that hotel. Enjoy.



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