Thursday, February 14, 2013

Photo Collages by Jaime Becker

Jaime Becker is a Los Angeles-based artist who does photo collage work as well mixed media. Her work really captures the zeitgest and the anxiety of the age we live in. Jaime was recently featured in a group show at Hudson Link in the Pacific Design Center.  For more information on the exhibit go to

The photo collages are made from found photos and various media. As she describes in her statement, "Found objects of discarded material and recycled products texture her three dimensional pieces and endow her flat works with false illusions and a lively avoidance. A piece of wood abandoned from a construction site, a kitchen cabinet left for the garbage collector, a vacationer’s post-card that never found its way home reminds that anything can be art – that forgotten items, lost to time and the elements, can be both harrowing and sacred."

Enjoy her work

The artist

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