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Tracey Emin at Lehmann Maupin


Ai Weiwei "Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads" at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, London, UK

TateShots: Manchester Festival

The Manchester International Festival presents new works from across the spectrum of performing arts, visual arts and popular culture.

TateShots: 11 Rooms at the Manchester Festival, Manchester, UK

A floating man, a naked woman, and a human revolving door are just some of the surprises that make up '11 Rooms', an exhibition at the Manchester International Festival 2011.

Warning: Contains explicit content

Tate Shots: Miro

Joan Miró's works come to London in the first major retrospective here for nearly 50 years.

"Unfinished Paintings" at L.A.C.E. Hollywood, California

Unfinished Paintings is a provocative curatorial project organized by Los Angeles artists Kristin Calabrese and Joshua Aster. The headlining exhibition for our 2011 summer season, Unfinished Paintings is an exhibition of 38 medium sized paintings by 38 artists, hung alphabetically by the artist’s first name.  This show is meant to dissect and turn contemporary painting inside-out. Works-in-progress will be put on view and offered as a point of entry into each painter’s respective creative world.
Artists and audience members alike will stand in front of the works, wondering why the artist decided it was unfinished, and what would make it finished? The organizing principal of this show is meant to provoke a healthy ambivalence and seed the desire for dialog and feedback. These are critical junctures in the art making experience. Calabrese and Aster now invite the public to engage in this part of the painter’s practice too.
Unfinished Paintings features work by Lisa Adams, Josh…

The Vorticists: Manifesto for a Modern World, Tate Britain, 14 June – 4 September 2011

Chain Letter at Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, California

Chain Letter 2011 is an international group exhibition, curated by CalArts alumnus and School of Theater Properties Artisan Christian Cummings (Art BFA 05) and artist and former LA Weekly Art Critic Doug Harvey. It opened on July 23 at Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station with nearly 1,600 artists on view.

Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica, (310) 453-7535, through Aug. 23. Closed Sun. and Mon.