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"Once Again Particular" Curated by Kevin Hanley at Control Room, Los Angeles, CA

Once Again Particular
Curated by Kevin Hanley for Control Room

Kai Altoff
Floyd Claypool
Jonathan Kroll
Euan MacDonald
Pae White

"A rumor may be regarded as something that is constantly being constructed; when the communicative activity ceases, the rumor no longer exists." "Art functions not un-similarly. Thus if and when artists cease their activities, all previous art will automatically disappear - as art. "

- Jack Burnham citing Simotsu Shibutani in Burnham's essay Alice's Head 1. 

Control Room generates shows that demonstrate the results of experimental curatorial proposals put forward by artists and directed toward their peers working in a particular context. The guest curated group show "Once Again Particular" includes artists whose early exhibitions emerged sometime within 1990 to 1998, constituting a remote scene for the purposes of Control Room's current exhibition. The bodies of work represented in "Once Aga…

Daniel Pitin at Nicodim Gallery, Culver City, California

Born in 1977 in Prague, Daniel Pitin is part of a new generation of painters from Eastern Europe currently gaining wide recognition from both institutions and private collections. Pitin’s recent work is focusing on an investigation into the past motivated by an unexplainable impulse of trying to dig up lost experiences that have been buried deep in his subconscious and only through painting he can expose their real significance. Born during Communism regime but growing up in capitalism, Pitin is not trying to illustrate through his paintings the key to open up the past, but rather provide a clue for the direction he is heading. Sometimes his paintings are just a simple reaction to recurring impulses, thoughts and unconscious pressure to find respite in faint memories.

Filmic images play a major role in the work of Daniel Pitin. As the artistic treatment of the interrelationship between images, film provides him with a point of departure and a source of inspiration. With film footage f…

Happy Valentines Day!!

Celebrating Love (and Lust) through Art

"Center Of The Universe: Flack, Presneill, Ramos" at Raid Projects, Los Angeles, California

Center Of The Universe
Jon Flack, Max Presneill and Jason Ramos
Opening reception February 4th, 2012, 7-10 pm

In the wake of the Torrance Art Museum’s broad survey of the state of LA painting – To Live And Paint In LA, RAID Projects is proud to present current work of the artists behind mounting that exhibition – curators Max Presneill and Jason Ramos, and preparator Jon Flack (whose work can also be found in the TAM exhibition).

All three painters have expanded their studio practice into the other necessary roles for a thriving art community, with a sense of participation and duty that has been a defining mark of Los Angeles contemporary art in recent years. At the center of these artists’ universe has always been their own studio practice, and the current exhibition at the TAM produced by them is a direct line from their specific interests into a larger context.

Center Of The Universe presents these three artists’ work, in an effort to complete a circle of context and pro…