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Mie Olise Kjaergaard "Bastard Monuments" (Review) at Samuel Freeman, Culver City, California

Mie Olise Kjaergaard's latest solo exhibition "Bastard Monuments" at Samuel Freeman Gallery explores the tension between stability and collapse. Architecture, as it is known and it's basic essence, is about the creation and building of shelter. The shelter can be home, a work place, or a place of social interaction and activity. The work in "Bastard Monuments," stylistically recalls both early 20th century German Expressionism, and Neo Expressionism of the 1980s. Kjaergaard employs these styles to explore both the past and current economic and political structures that have both collapsed or on the brink of collapse; a chaos that contradicts the idea of stability.

In her paintings, Kjaergaard explores DW Griffith's movie "Intolerance." "Intolerance" was a box office failure, despite being a movie created after Griffith's box office successful and racist "Birth of a Nation." "Intolerance" becomes a monument to …

"The Collectivist" Brand Library & Art Center, Glendale, California

The Brand Library & Art Center features an exhibition of six of Los Angeles’ leading art-collectives in a show conceived and organized by curator Kara W. Tomé. The exhibition, titled The Collectivists, marks a moment in time in which a vast number of artists are joining together to take greater control of their means of production and presentation. By prioritizing the group over the individual, self-promotion and publicity function as collective forms of power. This current surge of standout artist-run spaces has become a democratic movement; and en masse, artist collectives are challenging the established hierarchy of how the gallery system and commerce function in the art world. The influence of the group, uplifts the individuals involved and ultimately offers new pathways for the success of both.

Exemplifying this zeitgeist are the six collectives and artist-run spaces featured in the exhibition: Durden & Ray, Eastside International, Manual History Machines, Monte Vista Pr…