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REVIEW - Terry Winters "patterns in a chromatic field" at Matthew Marks Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Terry Winter's new exhibition "patterns in a chromatic field" at Matthew Marks Gallery, continues Winter's examination of structures that surround biological and bio-morph processes. The twelve vibrantly colored abstract canvases take their title from a 1981 score for cello and piano by composer Morton Feldman and continue the artist’s lifelong investigation of the intersection between representation and abstraction. Depicting a family of organic patterns in evolving configurations, the series demonstrates, in the artist’s words, “how abstract processes can be used to build real-world images.” The paintings feature a heightened chromatic palette, complex figure/ground reversals, and interlocking forms, as well as a variety of surface textures modified by successive layers of resins, oils, and waxes. These beautiful works demonstrate Winter's mastery in both composition and color. There is always a tension between both figurative and abstraction in Winter&#…

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Bart Exposito at Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Bart Exposito

March 1—April 12, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 1, 6-8pm

Thomas Solomon Gallery presents an exhibition of new drawings and paintings by Santa Fe- based artist Bart Exposito. Each artwork in the show originated with a small drawing that the artist made nearly five years ago. This original drawing will be on view along with the artist’s new work.

The exhibition will include artworks that are all variations of this drawing. They reflect on the various possibilities triggered by the artist’s production which have been stirred once more by the drawing’s contours or forms. For the first time, all but one of the pieces in the show will be on a horizontal format suggesting a narrative or landscape. In the past, Exposito’s work was nearly always executed on a vertical format, symptomatic of enclosed frontal portrait painting that resists any of the expectation found in pictorialism. But this likeness to figuration has softened as his painting method of building, erasing and…

LA Heat: Taste Changing Condiments at the Chinese American Museum, Los Angeles, California

LA Heat: Taste Changing Condiments, is an art exhibition exploring the impact of Sriracha and Tapatio in Los Angeles. The exhibit will include a curated selection of artwork from artists of diverse backgrounds who are passionate and reflective about notions of identity, community, and foodways.

Sriracha and Tapatio hot sauces are two examples of the recent homegrown all-American condiments that have dramatically impacted American cuisine. The rise in popularity of these condiments signifies an increase in Asian and Latino populations living in the US and especially in Los Angeles after the passing of the Immigration and Nationality Act in 1965. In 1971, Mexican immigrant Jose-Luis Saavedra, Sr., started Tapatio Hot Sauce, a unique combination of red chili peppers, spices and a hint of garlic, in a warehouse in Maywood, California. David Tran, an immigrant from Vietnam of Chinese ancestry, started making Thai-inspired Sriracha sauce blended fromchili peppers, vinegar, garlic in small …