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Halloween Art 2016

Happy Halloween!

The High Line Park, New York City

Image | A walk on The High Line Park in New York City, a former elevated freight railroad spur called the West Side Line, which runs along the lower west side of Manhattan. It has been saved from demolition and redesigned. The southernmost section, from Gansevoort Street to 20th Street, opened as a city park in 2009, the middle section opened in June 2011.

Thoughts on being in the Art World Part 1 - Passion for Art

As the gallery season begins and I myself start curating again, I decided to pause for a moment to reflect on some observations that I have made since getting involved in the art world. I realized that I have been attending gallery openings and being connected with the art world for over 10 years, and writing about art on this blog since 2008. So I wanted to share with you, the reader, how to get involved and contribute to the dialog of the art world. I will tell you that since I began, there is never a dull day. I discover new art and artists out there with vision and beauty. I love to see Art that engages and challenges the assumptions that you, I and everyone lives with everyday. This post will be the first in an ongoing series where I explore aspects of the art scene, the art  world and how you can be a part of something exciting and ever changing.

Have Passion for the Art and Be Open
I start with the obvious, because you need a passion for art in order to begin your journey. Howe…