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Pic of the Week 05/31/2009


Abstraction and Abstraction at Bergamont: Philip Argent at Shoshana Wayne, Lavi Daniel at Rosamund Felsen, and Ed Moses at Frank Lloyd and Greenfield

Last Saturday I went to Bergamont Station and saw some really terrific shows. But of all the shows (with the exception of Barkley Hendricks at SMMoA), abstraction seemed to reign king. So this entry will be dedicated to the abstraction shows currently showing at Bergamont Station.

My first stop was the Philip Argent show at Shoshana Wayne Gallery. Philip Argent emerged in the LA art scene in the mid 1990s with other abstractionist, such as Ingrid Calame, Monique Prieto, Chris Finley and Adam Ross. His abstraction derives from an exploration of digital aesthetics. Argent's palette is vibrant and radioactive. The paintings acts as landscapes of the digital mind where the viewer is confronted by the technological and the artificial. There is nothing organic about these works. They are instead works that pull the viewer in to a realm of the digital. Unlike Adam Ross, whose works are cityscapes, Argent paints the world of the digital from a complete virtual starting point. Excellent sho…