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Fairytale in Berlin at Scion Space, Art of Two Germanys: Cold War Cultures at LACMA, and UCLA Open Studios in Culver City

Both Germany and Berlin have emerged from the tumultuous 20th Century to become one of the world art centers in the 21st Century. Two exhibits showing right now portray the vitality and dynamism of Modern and Contemporary German art.

The first show, Fairytale in Berlin, showing at Scion Space, closes soon on February 7th. This show is a must see. The exhibit shows 10 artist and one artist collective all working in Berlin. "Fairytale of Berlin associates itself with the legend of life within Berlin's sub-cultural niches, the place yearned by many migrated creatively. And of course does especially this art scene of Berlin have grave downsides in store for the art producers, having to deal with an increasing surplus of art being only one example. The show wants to reflect this situation where aspiration and reality often collide.
(Showing) Berlin-born artists as well as national and international "art-exiles" - the chosen artists have their origins in Germany, Romania, C…

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A New Year and Gallery Openings for January 10, 2009

I'm back.

Due to the holidays, I did not update my blog. To those who follow, I apologize. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and a Happy New Year. Before I start with the gallery openings that I went to on January 10th, I just want to say a few words about 2008.

2008 was mixed bag year. This country saw an election of a new president and an economic crisis of epic proportions. The art work here in Los Angeles was not immune to the changes that happened. This last year Los Angeles saw the closing of some of the best galleries in the area. Elizabeth Oliveria, Black Dragon, DEN, Fringe and Anna Helwig all closed. These spaces will be missed and I hope to see them back again in the future. Gallery shows last year were really good. I hope the quality of the gallery shows continue.

With regards to the areas museums, MOCA had a really strong year despite their financial situation. I saw one of the best surveys of the permanant collection in the exhibit "Collecting …