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Pic of the Week 02/22/2009


Franz Ackerman and Richard Jackson at Otero-Plassart

Saturday, Feb 21st, 2009 was a big night for openings. The highlight of my night was the Franz Ackerman and Richard Jackson opening at Otero-Plassart Gallery on Fairfax. According to what I read for his most recent show at Hauser & Wirth in London, Richard Jackson believes that "Paint is liquid and libidinal, unruly and projectile; the spurting lifeblood of an overly cultivated art form and a fluid to be funnelled, pumped and squirted. Since the 1970s the West Coast American artist has mounted an intensely visceral humorous interrogation of painting that combines the heroic and the slapstick, systematised procedure and extreme disorder. He has expanded the activity of painting, abandoning its conventional tools for machines such as pumps, vehicles and even rifles to make the work." Franz Ackerman's work is almost the opposite. Ackerman's abstraction work is intentional in its organic and expansiveness in taking over a gallery or public space. In the Otero Plassar…

Pic of the Week 02/15/2009


Pic of the Week 02/10/2009


Art of the Two Germanys Part 1

In the last posting, I basically stated that the Art of Two Germanys was a must see. Upon further thought, I decided that one paragraph would not do the exhibit justice. This is the first part of a three part series focusing on a particular part of the show. I hope this helps one look at the work and enjoy the show. I definitely enjoyed this exhibit.

This entry will focus on the late 1940s, after the end of World War II through the 1950s. There are three events that really defined German art from the end of World War II with its defeat to the end of the 1950s. The first is the formation of German Democratic Republic in the former Soviet sector in 1949, the Berlin blockade and the eventual building of the Berlin Wall. In the years after the war from 1945 to 1949, German art attempted to redefine German culture and identity after the horrors of the Nazi regime and the subsequent war that devastated the country. Artists began to use artistic languages of previous periods such as abstract…

Pic of the Week 02/01/2009