Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Once Again Particular" Curated by Kevin Hanley at Control Room, Los Angeles, CA

Once Again Particular
Curated by Kevin Hanley for Control Room

Kai Altoff
Floyd Claypool
Jonathan Kroll
Euan MacDonald
Pae White

"A rumor may be regarded as something that is constantly being constructed; when the communicative activity ceases, the rumor no longer exists." "Art functions not un-similarly. Thus if and when artists cease their activities, all previous art will automatically disappear - as art. "

- Jack Burnham citing Simotsu Shibutani in Burnham's essay Alice's Head 1. 

Control Room generates shows that demonstrate the results of experimental curatorial proposals put forward by artists and directed toward their peers working in a particular context. The guest curated group show "Once Again Particular" includes artists whose early exhibitions emerged sometime within 1990 to 1998, constituting a remote scene for the purposes of Control Room's current exhibition. The bodies of work represented in "Once Again Particular" do not enjoy a simple post canonical "anything goes," but rather address more or less responsibly the historical inquiry into the nature of ideas, with committed consideration of form, color and composition. Like the practices that make up Control Room's exhibitions, the practices presented in this guest curated show are ongoing and only become definable as they happen. The thread between the "scene" at Control room, and the "scene" invited to show there, is arguably an ongoing negotiation; simultaneously inheriting and mutually corrupting canons that are defined by resistance to one another. In the space of Control room, these visiting practices offer a momentary passage (a "pass it on") between two "art scenes" at the juncture of "Once Again Particular."

- Kevin Hanley

1. see: Great Western Salt Works, essays on the meaning of Post Formalist art by Jack Burnham. The essay Alice's Head addresses the emergence and influence of "Conceptual Art" following the legacy of "Formalism".

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