Sunday, January 22, 2017

Laura Lancaster and Rachel Lancaster "Glimpser" at Baltic 39, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Laura Lancaster and Rachel Lancaster


Wednesday January 18, 2017  to  Sunday, January 22, 2017

"I'm in my element when I'm a little bit out of this world: then I'm in the real world - I'm on the beam. Because when I'm falling, I'm doing alright. When I'm slipping, I say, 'Hey, this is interesting.' It's when I'm standing upright that bothers me... As a matter of fact, I'm really slipping most of the time. I'm like a slipping glimpser."
Willem de Kooning - 1960

Both artists take up residence in the gallery for five days, the first time they have collaborated fully. They seek to generate a series of temporary interventions which explore the crossover between their respective artistic practices, with a focus on their mutual interest in the slippage of meaning when found imagery is manipulated. Laura’s investigations are based upon the projection of gathered source imagery, while Rachel employs her own archive of source material based on the moving image. Using a projector as a tool for drawing, they manipulate the reading of projected images through drawing and distortions with reference to analogue special effects techniques.

BALTIC 39 is a vibrant community of practicing artists located on High Bridge in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne. This publicly accessible, cultural hub for contemporary art practice and research opened in April 2012 as a unique collaborative venture between Newcastle City Council, Arts Council England, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and Northumbria University. The former Ward's printing warehouse and distinctive Grade II listed building at 39 High Bridge Street is home to BALTIC's project space - a stunning top-floor gallery, 33 artists' studios and the BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art.


31 - 39 High Bridge

Newcastle upon Tyne


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