Monday, February 1, 2016

Fabrik Expo, Willow Studios, Los Angeles, California

Fabrik Expo–a new art fair focused on the convergence of art, design & architecture–has partnered with Gen Art for its launch, January 29-31, 2016.

Fabrik Expo took place at Willow Studios, in the downtown arts district of Los Angeles. Fabrik Expo will shift perspectives about the nature of contemporary art by introducing groundbreaking works from artists that blur the boundaries between art, design, architecture, environment and media. Fabrik Expo is committed to expanding the art fair experience and exposing audiences to a wider range of artists, media and practices that represent the cultural, aesthetic and conceptual diversity of contemporary art and design in the 21st century. “Fabrik Expo is an artist incubator and platform for experiential art. We are very excited to partner with Gen Art for our launch,” states Chris Davies, founder and producer of Fabrik Expo. “For more than 20 years Gen Art has been heralding a convergence of fashion, music and art. The new Gen Art is a talent incubator, seeking out the best creative forces that will shape the future in their respective industries.” Founded more than 20 years ago, Gen Art’s mission is to identify and nurture the most promising fresh faces across film, art, and fashion. The organization now incubates select artists and supports their vision through press, sales, and marketing efforts. 

To begin 2016 programming of Art at Gen Art, the company partnered with Fabrik Expo to present a special exhibition by the multi-faceted artist Jacqueline Levine. "Gen Art's mission is to cultivate and support the creative communities and create a dialogue in Los Angeles, we believe in collaborating with initiatives who share our vision and we are proud to announce our partnership with Fabrik Expo which echoes our shared vision of promoting artists, designers and collaborative groups,” says Noor AlSuwaidi, Gen Art’s Arts Programming Director. “We are very excited to be presenting our Gen Art Artist Jacqueline Levine, who will be creating a site specific installation at Willow studios." Installation by Jacqueline Levine Levine will use character and form to create a fully immersive installation that harkens back to the viewer’s inner child. Levine will create an environment that encourages play and positivity; every surface will be embellished with Levine’s signature draftsmanship and illustration. Multimedia components will take directly from Levine’s narrative approach to her craft.

Willow Studios
Arts District, Downtown LA
1324 Palmetto Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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