Monday, September 14, 2015

"Black and White Mike" a group show in tribute to Mike Kelley curated by Benjamin Weissman

        Three years after his untimely death, the loss of Mike Kelley is still being felt in the Los Angeles art community. Kelly's impact, both personally and artistically, is more evident in the group show in tribute to Mike Kelley entitled "Black and White Mike" curated by Benjamin Weissman. This year marks 30 years since Mike Kelley curated a show in 1985 called "Black & White." Just like the current exhibition, each work in the 1985 show was black and white. The idea of the current and original show was to keep out the spectrum of color, to release the full spectrum of psychological and unconventional thought.

         The use of black and white was also to use a generic mode of illustration, and work against its conventional, transparent reading.  Weissman brings together those that were in the original show as well younger artists who were influenced and affected by the work of Mike Kelley. The show's location is also significant, because it is near the last location of Kelley's studio. Mike Kelley loved Eagle Rock and made it his home. Benjamin Weissman does an excellent job at paying tribute to Kelley. His presence is felt among the art and artists in the show, and is definitely worthy of his honor. The works are compelling, and filled with both horror and humor. They are witty and thought provoking. This is definitely a show to see if you want to understand Kelly's work and his influence. I would suggest that once you've finished looking at the exhibit, go take a walk along Colorado Blvd and explore the world that Mike Kelley loved and found inspiration.

Continues to September 24, 2015
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