Monday, April 28, 2014

REVIEW - Terry Winters "patterns in a chromatic field" at Matthew Marks Gallery, Los Angeles, California

       Terry Winter's new exhibition "patterns in a chromatic field" at Matthew Marks Gallery, continues Winter's examination of structures that surround biological and bio-morph processes. The twelve vibrantly colored abstract canvases take their title from a 1981 score for cello and piano by composer Morton Feldman and continue the artist’s lifelong investigation of the intersection between representation and abstraction. Depicting a family of organic patterns in evolving configurations, the series demonstrates, in the artist’s words, “how abstract processes can be used to build real-world images.” The paintings feature a heightened chromatic palette, complex figure/ground reversals, and interlocking forms, as well as a variety of surface textures modified by successive layers of resins, oils, and waxes. These beautiful works demonstrate Winter's mastery in both composition and color. There is always a tension between both figurative and abstraction in Winter's work. I think the artist intentionally never settles that tension, and instead lets the viewer see the canvas as an investigation of the biological. The field on the canvas takes the viewer to an organic journey that reveals a process that is not readily seen by the human eye.The blues, reds, yellows, and greens, as well as the composition occupying the entire canvas with lines, curves and paint are a visual enjoyment to the viewer who sees these works. I definitely recommend going to this exhibition.

The show continues until June 21, 2014.

Matthew Marks Gallery
1062 North Orange Grove 
Los Angeles 90046 
Ph: 323 654 1830

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