Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Split Second Split: Claremont Graduate University Second Year MFA Exhibition at Bergamont Station, Santa Monica, California

Kathleen Melian, "Blue Girl" 

Tessie Whitmore, "Blue Pinchie"

Joe Lloyd, "Building"

Jorin Benson, "Kiss a Real Man"

Brian Thomas Jones, "Conundrum (Working Title)"

Jacques Louis David "Dodecahedron Non-Unmental"

Grace Heeun Park, "Untitled"

Nicolas Shake, "Ave. P and 47st East"

Travis Novak, "Utter Perfection"

Girl Puke, "Come Get Wet With Us"
Girl Puke, "Come Get Wet With Us"
Girl Puke, "Come Get Wet With Us"

Atilio Pernisco"Supper Next Door"

Kelsea Heino, "It's All About Heath Angelo"

Kyla Hansen, "I used to have a heart, but the highway took it"

Clifford Eberly, "Too Much Evil for One Eye"

Perry Marks, "How to Disappear and Create a New Identity"

Shiva Alibadi, "Clutch"

Stephen Kim, "In Time"

Jocelyn Grau, "Untitled"

Conchi Sanford, "Let Them Eat Cake"

Tessa Leatherwood, Ghosts"

Kevin Moore, "Out of the Void"

Melissa Zimmermann, "i'mHEREnichtDA"

Eric Schott, "Untitled"
Lynnda Snyder, Body of Evidence"
Jesse Standlea, "Pacific Standardization"
Mihyang Kim, "I Had a Dream"

1 comment:

Jacques L David said...

Mario, this is awesome!!! Thank you for doing this!!! Only one thing and it is very minor but the name of my piece is Non-Umetal. Thanx again, this is really great of you to do!!!

Jacques Louis David

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