Monday, December 3, 2018

Regionale 19: Sound Embodied / HeK House of Electronic Arts Basel

The current exhibition at HeK House of Electronic Arts Basel presents a selection of artists who employ electronic and digital media to engage with sound. Titled “Sound Embodied”, the show features works that explore the possible translation of acoustic experiences into visual and physical sensations. The exhibition is part of Regionale 19, a project that promotes contemporary art from Switzerland, Germany and France. Curated by Boris Magrini the show includes the artists Markus Aebersold & Chris Handberg, Jonas Baumann, Anja Braun, Emma Cozzani, Elvire Flocken-Vitez, Dirk Koy, Karin Lustenberger, Marie Matusz, Elia Navarro, Frederic Pagace, Gabriele Rendina Cattani, Patrick Steffen, Fiona Valentine Thomann, Ambra Viviani, Michel Winterberg, and Katharina Zimmerhackl. The exhibition runs until February 3, 2019.

Regionale 19: Sound Embodied / HeK House of Electronic Arts Basel. Vernissage, November 24, 2018.

Video by Enrico

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