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GYOPO - Group Show at Industry Gallery Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, California

The exhibition “GYOPO” showcases an artistic dialogue between seven Korean-American artists who convey their unique perspectives as Gyopo in 21st century America. Artist Ray Choi explains, “We stand at a unique point in time for a generation of Koreans/Americans establishing their places in the world, a majority of whom now, have other cultural associations taking precedent over their ethnicity.” He describes “Gyopo”, as a term used to identify and subsequently, categorize Korean descendents who were either born or live outside of their homeland. The term has also been known to carry along negative implications that these Koreans have lost touch with their cultural roots, which only furthers the division between native Koreans and Gyopo. This term serves as a vestigial reflection of Korea in the modern world as a result of generations of strife and exodus.

The works address the issues of conflict, creation, and cultural ambiguity that arises from living and working as Gyopo artists. Th…

C.O.L.A. (City of Los Angeles) Artists Fellowship Recipients 2016 Exhibition, Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles, California

MAY 15 – JULY 3, 2016OPENING RECEPTION SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2-5 PM The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and
the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
Presents the premiere of new works by ARTISTS
Paolo Davanzo
Marsian De Lellis
Keiko Fukazawa
Megan Geckler
Won Ju Lim
Sarah Maclay
Blue McRight
Sandeep Mukherjee
Christine Nguyen
Claudia Rodriguez
Jim Skuldt
Christine Nguyen / Sandeep Mukherjee SATURDAY, June 4, at 2 pm
Megan Geckler with Shana Nys Dambrot
Marsian De Lellis with Alison de Fren SATURDAY, June 18, at 2 pm
Blue McRight with Kay Whitney SATURDAY, June 25, at 2 pm
Paolo Davanzo / Won Ju Lim Family Art Workshop
No reservations are necessary and art supplies will be provided SATURDAY, June 11, 1-4 PM COLA LIT READING SATURDAY, June 11, at 7 pm
Sarah Maclay
Claudia Rodriguez
Lynne Thompson Grand Performances California Plaza
300 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90071

"The Gloaming" a group show at Visitor Welcome Center, Los Angeles, CA

"The Gloaming" is a group show, which brings together Alexandra Pacheco Garcia, Jenny Yurshansky and Karen Lee, that explores the confluence of photography, form and the dichotomy of light and dark. The word "Gloaming" is another word for twilight or sunset, which is the time between when the sun sets and the moment it become night. The artists in "The Gloaming" are interested in the photographic, and how the photographic play between light and dark. When looking at the work, the viewer becomes aware of the shadow. The shadow is where light and dark meet. It is the image and its opposite. There is a Gothic sensibility to the works; a 19th century approach where the experimental in photographic processes ultimately lead to the image based culture that is prevalent in the 21st century. This is an excellent show, and is worth the visit. Go see.  
Below is an except from the curator's statement. 
[The artists in "The Gloaming"] inhabit photograph…