Monday, October 12, 2015

New York Dispatch: Samara Golden "A Fall of Corners" at Canada

The history of modern and contemporary art is replete with challenges to the perception of reality. From Dali to Robert Wilson, the upending of what is real and perceived has been a common practice for artists for quite some time. Samara Golden's recent exhibition at Canada, "A Fall of Corners," (on view through October 25th) adds to this dialogue. The title suggest a collapse of the space around the viewer. The visitor to the gallery automatically begins to feel the notion of the infinite in the space around the gallery. The tables and chairs defy gravity as the mirrors give you the feeling of almost weightlessness. Looking down below, there is a sky with clouds as if the room is traveling through the sky. The fall of the structure and stability is what Golden wants to convey to the viewer. The scene itself is a banquet hall or restaurant. A social gathering space is undermined by a kaleidoscopic hall of mirrors. Golden almost reorients our perceptions creating a dream-like state of mind.

Samara Golden
"A Fall of Corners"
On view until October 25th

333 Broome St, 
New York, NY 10002 
(212) 925-4631

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