Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"The Outlanders" The inaugural group show at The Pit

The Pit is Los Angeles' new art space. Run by artists Adam Miller and Devon Oder, this new space focuses on artists curated shows. The inaugural show is excellent. It brings together the best of what's been shown in the last 10 years, including veterans of recent biennials such as the current Made in LA biennial at the Hammer Museum, and past California Biennials at the Orange County Museum of Art. The new gallery will have upcoming shows curated by Roger Herman and a group show dedicated to HC Westerman. This is definitely a space to go visit and see.    
The Pit
Hours: By Appointment 626.319.5878


Exhibition Statement:
The Pit’s inaugural exhibition takes inspiration from our immediate surroundings and the artists who run studios in the Los Angeles area. Artists have always searched the fringes of metropolitan areas for larger spaces and lower rent in order to work. The accessibility of larger spaces is one of the great benefactors to artists working in the Los Angeles region. Los Angeles is sprawling, isolated, and connected all at once. Los Angeles provides access to unique landscapes, quality of light, and industries. San Fernando Road is a microcosm of LA life. The region is filled with movie prop houses, and fabricators. It is sandwiched between the beautiful Verdugo Hills and Griffith Park and runs along the LA River. It is peppered with some of the most unique local businesses and restaurants, and littered with long stretches of industrial yards, train tracks, and sun bleached warehouses. It is also home to some of the most interesting art studios running from Burbank to Highland Park. The Pit’s first exhibition brings together eight of these artists.
It is impossible to say that any type of art is “uniquely LA” or “typical of LA” because all types of artists reside here with such diverse practices. However, it can be said that the artists in The Outlanders make work with aesthetic references and influences that are part of LA’s history, geography, and reputation.
All the artists incorporate aspects of LA culture and living into their practices (as can be said about probably every artist working in this city); from Kim Fisher’s compositionswith nuanced slivers of images pulled from fashion magazines, to Pearl C. Hsiung’s psychedelic musings on nature, to Mary Weatherford’s swirling and electric paintings that investigate the artist’s relationship to locations and light quality found in the county. The artists in The Outlanders all create work that is part of LA living, LA’s history, and LA art.
Exhibition will include works by the artists Sarah Conaway, Pearl C. Hsiung, Kim Fisher, Shana Lutker, Florian Morlat, Jon Pestoni, Mungo Thomson, Mary Weatherford
An exhibition zine will be published in an edition of 200 for The Outlanders and available at the opening or online for $10.00. The Outlanders will be on view from July 13th until August 24th. An opening reception will be held on Sunday July 13th from 3-7pm with vegan food and beer.
Installation View
Installation View

Pearl C. Hsiung, "The Softest Thing", 2012

Still from "The Softest Thing", 2012 by Pearl C. Hsiung

Florian Morlat, "Untitled", 2014 

Kim Fisher

 Shana Lutker, "Entr'acte, 2014"

Sarah Conaway, "Sculpture", 2014 C-print 35" x 45"

Mary Weatherford

Mungo Thomson

Mungo Thomson

Jon Pestoni

Jon Pestoni, "Terminal Love", 2014 oil and mixed media 

Kim Fisher

Kim Fisher

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