Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Flicker" a group show curated by Jan Tumlir at Control Room, Los Angeles, California

Justin Beal
Phil Chang
Eduardo Consuegra
Brendon Fowler
Mark Hagen
Brian Kennon
Christopher Michlig
Katrina Umber
Kaari Upson
Bobbi Woods

Control Room is an artist run space in Downtown Los Angeles.
2006 East 7th Street
Downtown LA 90021
(818) 720-2713

Sundays from 12 - 6pm and by appointment March 15th through April 28th.

Thoughts on Being in the Art World Part 2: Curating the Curated Curator

Installation view of group show "Extent" curated by Jill Moniz: A Quotidian Project Installation view of group show "...