Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kerry Tribe "There Will Be __________" at 1301PE, Los Angeles, California

From the artist:

" There Will Be ________ is an experimental narrative film approaching the history of Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, shot on location at the mansion. In the late 1920’s, just six months after the house’s construction, the owner and his personal assistant / lover were found murdered in a guest bedroom. The pair had recently been called to testify in the infamous Teapot Dome scandal.  The investigation ended abruptly, and a cover up was widely suspected. The remaining family members eventually moved out, and by the 1950’s the house was a regular filming location for Hollywood productions. In There Will Be ________ actors in period costume perform diverging accounts of the events leading up to the murder, while speaking only dialog appropriated from scenes of dozens of feature films that have been shot on location at the mansion. Although each appropriated statement is completely restaged and taken out of its original context, the film may evoke for the viewer sporadic sensations of familiarity or déjà vu as they recognize dialog and locations from films like The Big Lebowski and There Will Be Blood."

6150 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90048
Tel: (323) 938 5822
Fax: (323) 938 6106
1301PE is open 11-6 pm Tuesday-Saturday

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