Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Group Show "Fridge" at Control Room, Los Angeles, California

Siamese twins hold the skirt hem of the woman in front of Gray in the checkout line. They aren’t very tall and want to get the woman’s attention. They want the woman to buy them salty peanuts and a package of gummy sharks. Gray starts to think of making paintings about this experience and the really fucked up textures they could have- aged paint over 90’s stucco. “Please,” they say in unison. The woman acts occupied and ignores the request. Gray remembers being a dependent and tells the clerk to charge the peanuts and gummy sharks to the next bill. “If that’s okay,” Gray says looking at the woman who the twins are attached to. “Fine,” the woman says without any expression. They all checkout.
A lamppost in the parking lot appears to have bark, but it’s just the light and the stains on the post. Lampposts don’t have bark. Gray knows this, but the twins from the checkout line walk towards the post to make sure the material is metal and not tree. Gray stops to watch as one of them moves a bit faster, pulling the other. They get to the post and one screams, “Told you!” A few peanuts fly in the air as they scuffle a bit before the woman from the checkout line retrieves them.
Gray starts the car and pops in a tape. Some white metal for the twins’ discovery even though it seems unlikely the twins or the woman would enjoy Trouble. The car’s speakers thrash all the way home and silence when the car is parked.
In the kitchen Gray sets the brown bags next to a postcard of a sculpture of Bruce Connor’s shoe and a football. The leaky ceiling has damaged the postcard. One third of the left corner is now stuck to the football leather. Gray leaves it attached and places bananas on the counter. Gray thinks about the the twins and the lamppost, and whether or not buying candy for children is appropriate. Gray calls Joe for advice on the matter and they talk while the rest of the items get placed in the fridge.

Open hours Sundays 4pm-9pm and by appointment through September 2nd. Evening (after dark) is recommended to view outdoor projection.

Control Room is an artist run space in Downtown Los Angeles.

2006 East 7th Street
Downtown LA 90021
(818) 720-2713
Sundays from 4 - 9pm and by appointment August 4th through September 2nd.

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