Monday, December 5, 2011

Martin Boyce: 2011 Winner of the Turner Prize

Martin Boyce is this year's winner of the Turner Prize in Great Britain. Boyce's work engages with the historical legacy of Modernist forms and ideals to create deeply atmospheric installations drawing upon text and elements of design. His investigations will often re-stage the outside within the gallery space, evoking the urban landscape through precisely explored sculptural details. Steeped in an understanding of the concepts of Modernist design, his work draws upon its visual language with a complex repertoire of forms. Noted for his engagement with how these objects are produced, Boyce is interested in how their original political or aesthetic ethos changes over time. His meticulous sculptures bear out his imaginings for the alternative lives these objects might lead if created at a different moment.I had the pleasure of seeing his work at the Orange County Museum of Art in Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art: Form, Balance, Joy during the summer. I loved his mobiles and sculpture. I am happy to see him win the Turner Prize this year. 

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