Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ai Weiwei: Teahouse (2009) at the Museum of Asian Art, Berlin

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s teahouse (Teehaus, 2009) is currently on show at the Asian Art Museum in Berlin. It consists of 378 cubes and 54 prisms of pressed Pu’er-Tea, surrounded by a field of scattered tea.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to reproduce the scent of this work via video. So if you really want to experience the work, you have to visit the exhibition at the Asian Art Museum. The presentation of the Teehaus was made possible by the permanent loan by Dieter und Si Rosenkranz.

Berlin’s Museum of East Asian Art and the Museum of Indian Art were merged in December 2006 and now operate under a new joint name, the Asian Art Museum. The Collection of South, Southeast and Central Asian Art houses one of the most important collections worldwide of art from the Indo-Asian cultural area, from the 4th millenium BC to the present.

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Adam M. Considine said...

I have been lucky enough to look at one of his marble chairs every week at the minneapolis institute of arts. They have it on display in honor or who he is and the hardships he is going through.

It's brilliant.

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