Super Mario's Art Needs Your Help

Hello My Fellow Readers,

First I want to thank all of you for reading and following my blog. I really appreciate the feedback and the support you have given me since my blog went online in November, 2008. As it reaches the one year anniversary, I have decided that it is time to expand.

I am planning to cover other art scenes in the coming year, and to add photos to my reviews and postings. I cannot do this without your support.

You may have noticed something different about my blog. I have added ads to my blog. These ads will help support the continuing coverage and reviews of galleries and exhibitions around LA and hopefully around the world.

Don't need to send money; All you need to do is click onto the ads and that's it. Your "click" help will make this blog better. Please help by supporting the advertisers on my blog.

Thank you again for your support and continued patronage.



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