Thursday, March 12, 2009

Iva Gueorguieva at Angles Gallery

Iva Gueorguieva is an expressionist. I make this proclaimation with a sense of joy because I believe that her work injects an energy and vitality to expressionism that has not been seen in awhile. The exhibition, enititled "A Rough End to Stony Sleep," shows recent paintings and drawings and is currently showing at Angles Gallery in Santa Monica. Gueorguieva is a master at energy. But the energy not only of the canvas and the brush strokes., but also an apocalyptic energy where the landscape is in constant flux of both destruction and rebirth. The best work in the show is large painting entitled Three Sisyphuses Enter The City, portray a landscape, maybe even a cityscape, being subject to a change that is both destructive and beautiful. I am reminded when looking at her work of a German Expressionist of the early 20th Century named Ludwig Meidner. Meidner's series of paintings entitled Apocalyptic Landscapes, really speaks with Gueorguieva's paintings. I really enjoyed this exhibition and recommend seeing this show. To view works from this show, please go to the Angles Gallery website,

Angles Gallery
2230 Main Street,
Santa Monica CA 90405
Phone: (310)396-5019

On view until March 28th.

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