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Carlson Hatton at Patrick Painter Inc., Santa Monica,California

Carlson Hatton  March 21 – April 18, 2015 
Carlson Hatton has an excellent show at Patrick Painter Inc., in Santa Monica, California. It is a wonderful exhibition. The canvas and images weave and cover each other forming an almost camouflage of visual imagery and form. The viewer is forced to view and focus on the surface to reveal the images.  
"Carlson Hatton’s work is ambitious in both scale and scope, and his multi-panel tableaus are a feast for the eyes. He discovered complex spatial relationships in the realm of cartoons long before he learned of the studied tenets of cubism. In the worlds of cartoons and illustration, realistic scale is secondary; action is understood in swirling masses with an occasional fist or foot. His interest lies in those visual leaps of faith required to reconcile space that is not easily understood. Hatton’s work explores what he calls the symbiotic relation or fusion of environment and figure, the passage of time, and the glow of light suggestin…

Otto Piene: Light Ballet, 1969

This installation by Otto Piene, Light Ballet (1969), was presented by the gallery Moeller Fine Art (New York) at Armory Show 2015.

Otto Piene (1928-2014) was one of the members of the group ZERO, which he founded with Heinz Mack in 1957, with G√ľnther Uecker joining the group in 1961. In 1957, Piene developed the Grid Picture, from 1959 he created the Lichtballette (“Light Ballet”), kinetic installations where light was projected through grids. Otto Piene represented Germany at the Venice Biennale in 1967 and 1971, and exhibited at documenta in Kassel, Germany, in 1959, 1964 and 1977. In 2008, Piene founded the international ZERO foundation. In 2014, he had a huge exhibition at Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin.

Otto Piene: Light Ballet, 1969, at Moeller Fine Art at The Armory Show 2015. The Armory Show, New York, March 4, 2015.
Video by Enrico

On Fred Tomaselli "The Times"

All us artists really are just trying to wipe everyone's eyes clean and clear, our own included; I think a lot of artists are basically saying to their viewers, 'Pay attention to this, I find this interesting.'—Fred Tomaselli

The work of Fred Tomaselli is all about vision. When one thinks about the word and concept of "vision," it can either refer to what you see optically, the span and scope of what one sees with their senses, or the forward ideas that guide one's life. In Tomaselli's art, vision refers to what one see's, but how that vision is both enhanced and expanded by the artists' reflection of the world. In his solo show entitled "The Times," currently at the Orange County Museum of Art, Tomaselli introduces the viewer to his vision in both his earlier paintings and with his latest, and most current, body of work which uses photos and images from the New York Times.  

When you look at Tomaselli's earlier paintings, the viewer c…