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Pic of the Week 04/26/2009


Art of Two Germanys, Part 3

Below is an unfinished posting that was intended to be part 3 of the three part series about the Art of Two Germanys show at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I did not have the time to complete the entry, so I will be posting it "as is," warts and all without editing...



In my final post about the Art of Two Germanys, I will cover both the Red Army Faction (RAF) or Baader-Meinhoff Gang, and the final fall of the Berlin War and reunification.

During the late 1960s and into the 1970s, radicalism was on the rise both here in the United States and in Germany. The Vietnam war and the Cold War created intense self examination and almost a self-loathing within the West. Protest were pervasive from Universities to the streets of Berlin, London and Paris, students took to the streets protesting both the war and capitalism. The Wall Street Journal recently published a book review by David Gress entitled "A Time of Terror." …

Pic of the Week 03/31/2009