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(Review) Julie Heffernan "Pre-Occupations" at Mark Moore Gallery, Culver City, California

Julie Heffernan's latest solo show is visually rich in both content and substance. Taking ques from Surrealists such as Remdios Varo, Dorothea Tanning and Leonora Carrington, Heffernan creates a world that is magical to the viewer. However, the magical visions are just a surface concern to a broader concern over the environment. The artist states: “The work is a continuation of my interest in climate change and the kinds of changes we are going to have to consider in order to deal with some of its eventualities - perhaps an opportunity for some creativity in how we approach habitats and lifestyles. No more room for wastefulness, but what do we decide to keep and what to get rid of? The figures are now engaged in work of some sort: pulling, dragging, wrestling with materials in order to start the work of change." In each painting, the central figure is in a struggle over the entanglement of nature. The figures in this struggle offer the viewer an allegorical perspective of th…

Paris Photo at Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, California,

From May 1st to May 3rd, 2015, photography lovers, art enthusiasts, and art professionals gathered at Paramount Studios in Hollywood for Paris Photo. Paris Photo Los Angeles, dedicated to the exhibition of historical and contemporary artworks, returned to the Paramount Pictures Studios for its third US edition from May 1-3, 2015. Collectors and enthusiasts of photography once again had the opportunity to experience and discover galleries from all around the world within the context of the iconic movie sets located in the heart of Hollywood.
With over 79 galleries from both locally here in Los Angeles, and from all over the world, Paris Photo definitely displayed the best of both contemporary photographic art and video. Throughout the fair, I was amazed by the depth of the galleries that were exhibiting. I loved the RJ Arnold Archive, the exhibits of Zoe Crosher at Lam Gallery, Desiree Dolron at Grimm, Melanie Pullen at Jensen Jenkins, the JP Chase Morgan Collection, the Julian Levy so…