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Amelie von Wulffen at Feedman Fitzpatrick, Hollywood, California


March 22 – May 2, 2015

Identikit children in search of their own childhoods line the walls. Children with shit stained hands booty dance through a splintered landscape. A werewolf girl goes for drinks in the night. A decapitated sheep foregrounds naughty children. Spliced elements of pre- and early modernism are layered atop each other. The symbols are shaped to emanate guilt and shame. The tradition of painting is a long history of fabricated images meant to crawl under our skin, and into our psyches.

Amelie von Wulffen’s paintings follow the collage principal of appropriation. If collage is a mirror that reflects a subject or world, assembled from different view points, von Wulffen suffuses this logic with painterly traditions of still life, landscape, and self-portraiture to conflate an abyss of collective history and personal stories into artificial, disconcerting montages of memory. Staged like isolated dolls before a portrait photographer, von Wulffen’s avata…

Emily Sudd "Decorative Objects" at The Weingart Gallery, Occidental College, Los Angeles, California

Emily Sudd began working with existing ceramic objects about three years ago. Collecting kitsch figurines and functional ware, Sudd combines souvenirs and thrift store finds to create unique sculptural compositions. By adjusting kiln temperatures in multiple firings, she has developed a technique that results in some objects and glazes melting and changing form while others remain whole in a process that can be seen as a collaboration between the artist, pre-existing objects, and the conditions of the firing. In Emily Sudd: Decorative Objects, the artist continues this examination with eleven wall pieces that engage in conversations surrounding abstract and still life painting, decoration, and institutional critique. For this exhibition, she has expanded the exploration of object making, value, and authorship, and has created a large-scale sculpture using thrift store and collected paintings as building materials. I ♥ Love, 2015, takes on the form of an ocean wave made of intact pain…

Friday Night (Alternative) Spaces

A warm spring night in Los Angeles brings out the artists. Those who are looking for art spaces outside of the big galleries can always depend on LA for giving the art enthusiast new perspectives and introducing him to provocative art. On Friday, March 27, 2015, I went to three openings and a closing reception for four alternative art spaces that demonstrate the dynamics and vitality of the Los Angeles art scene. 

My first stop was a gallery called Tiger Strikes Asteroid - Los Angeles (TSALA), located in the heart of the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles. Erin Harmon, a native of Southern California and currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, displays an interest in the organic plant life that surrounds and covers the landscape. The works act as lure to the viewer. The collages are expertly made of cut paper and are alive with bright colors. The works reflect a gardener's care, creating new landscapes and panoramas that are exciting and invigorating. 

Next door is a group s…