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More Christmas Art


Drawing Surrealism at LACMA

The inclusion of drawing-based projects by contemporary artists Alexandra Grant, Mark Licari, and Stas Orlovski, conceived specifically for the exhibition, aims to elucidate the diverse and enduring vestiges of surrealist drawing.

Tacita Dean's Christmas Tree


Tacita Dean:
When I was asked to do the Christmas tree, to be honest, it was a rather instantaneous idea.  I live in Berlin, and the one thing that is very striking about how the Germans behave with Christmas is that it’s very understated, and still rather beautiful.  It’s a hell of a palaver lighting them, so we decided to bring in the performative aspect of it, so it would just be lit at dusk every day from now until when the Tate closes before Christmas.

For me it’s not a nostalgic thing, this Christmas tree, it’s just actually making something that’s just so simple and very beautiful.  Because there is nothing more beautiful than a candle, really, like there’s nothing more beautiful than an open fire.  And so in our research to try and find out about how you attach the candles, they use these weights to keep them upright.  I found images of these from Victorian Christmas trees, and the weights in fact became the baubles that we use today.  Also, the funn…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

It is the holiday season, and I am taking a hiatus until after the New Year. This post was originally posted in 2010. I've decided to re-publish it again for all to enjoy. 2013 is going to be a big year. I am looking forward to bringing you the best in art from Los Angeles and around the world. I wish all my readers and followers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! In the meantime, please enjoy this Christmas art.

"KOTTABOS" a one-night group show curated by Marina Pinsky in Los Angeles, California

December 15, 2012

Kottabos is the name of an ancient Greek drinking game, and the name of a one night group show in a vacant storefront.

The game involves throwing wine at a target and shouting the name of one's object of desire while doing so. To quote François Lissarrague, "These two examples make it quite clear that kottabos is more than a game of skill. Whatever form it may take, it involves true aim and the disruption of equilibrium, whether it be of a disk on a pole or of a little saucer floating in water. When the balance is upset, something capsizes or falls with a crash, and this symbolizes that love has been assured. The break in equilibrium is the physical sign of the uncertainty that takes hold of a lover in the presence of the beloved."

This exhibition is centered around the disruption that takes place in the presence of the beloved. Specifically, it seeks to be emblematic of the uncertainty of aesthetic love, arrived at through a drawn out passio…

Imi Knoebel at LACMA


Kathryn Andrews "D.O.A./D.O.B." at David Kordansky Gallery, Culver City, California

Kathryn Andrews juxtaposes legacies of pop art and minimalism, creating works in which the experience of materials prompts the viewer to reconsider how subjectivity is constructed in contemporary culture. Her work often combines fabricated forms with readymade objects sourced (or seemingly sourced) from Hollywood prop shops, memorabilia stores, party supply outlets and other commercial venues. Rife with socio-economic associations, these readymades pit popular and/or symbolic value against experience of the sculptural whole as material artifact.

The title of the show, D.O.A. | D.O.B. (dead on arrival / date of birth), points to the creation and annihilation that is at stake when images, physical forms, and personae are understood as fixed versus non-fixed entities. It will feature three floor-based sculptures and three wall-based sculptures that incorporate polished stainless steel forms which support, surround, and complicate both found and fabricated objects. Thei…