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Keith Tyson in Studio

An Interview with Pamela Jorden, Artist and Curator for the group show "Sun Zoom Spark" at WPA in Chinatown, Los Angeles, California

Sun Zoom Spark Interview

The following interview took place on Facebook between April 6, 2010 and April 18, 2010. Pamela Jorden is an artist and curator based in Los Angeles. Her current curatorial project is entitled "Sun Zoom Spark," featuring work by Julie Becker, Katy Crowe, Pamela Jorden, Alice K├Ânitz, Virginia Holt, and Terri Phillips. It is being shown at WPA in Chinatown, Los Angeles until April 25, 2010. Pamela and I discuss both the concept of the exhibition, and the artists and artwork. 

Mario Vasquez - April 6 at 8:48pm

How did the idea of Sun Zoom Spark come about?

Pamela Jorden - April 10 at 10:43am

Initial thoughts that led to this group show came from a painting in my studio. I have worked on this painting for over a year, off and on, experimenting a bit with reflection and symmetry and pattern. I was thinking about this painting in terms of mirroring gesture in a composition, but then I sort of realized it was more of a kaleidoscopic thing, my mirroring bec…

Art Now: Andy Holden at the Tate Modern

Meet the Artist: Dexter Dalwood from the Tate

Kim Dorland "1991" at Mark Moore Gallery

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 20, 5 – 7p
On view March 20 – April 17, 2010

Kim Dorland's new show, entitled "1991" at Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica takes a stroll through memory lane. Dorland's paintings portray a nostalgia, but not so much longing for its past. There is an unease that permeates the paintings that go back from both longing for the past and feeling the dread of the teenage angst that is prevalent during those years.  The paintings portray teenagers and youth hanging out at a parking lot at night, an intimate moment between a couple in the forest, high school portraits with the face splattered upon to suburban landscapes of the artist's environment.

The Dorland's recent work plays out of memory as both specific to place, but abstract to the persons that reflect upon the subject. It is apparent in Dorland's technique and style. Dorland's painting go from being expressionistic and abstract in the composition of figures and perso…